Campaign Issues



Facing life threatening conditions, I chose to protect the life of my unborn child rather than pursuing personal medical treatment that would have been unfavorable to my pregnancy.          Roughly 74 abortions per day occur in North Carolina. We must do a better job of supporting mothers and offering resources to women in need to encourage motherhood, family values, and the right to life.  

Pro-2nd Amendment

The right to bear arms extends beyond sportsmanship and hunting. Firearms are essential to safety. The left is threatening to strip responsible Americans of this important right which would render us unable to protect ourselves and our families from criminals. As a gun owner and a mother, I am prepared to fight for the preservation of the 2nd Amendment against leftists in Washington who seem to forget criminals will always find a way to break the law. As we have seen in places like Chicago, stricter gun laws and more government oversight are detrimental to community and are not effective solutions to gun violence.    


We must pursue market-based reform, allowing patients to have greater access to care with reduced costs and greater transparency from healthcare suppliers and providers. 

Mental health reform must be a priority. Having a son with high-functioning autism, I have dealt with a mental health system that is largely over-burdened and unable to keep up with the increasing demands of mental health services. Beyond the scope of autism, drug addiction is also a personal platform of mine after seeing close friends and family members struggle with what is often a dependence on prescribed medication for legitimate health issues. In 2016, more than 1500 opioid-related deaths occurred in North Carolina. In 2017, North Carolina experienced the nation’s second highest increase in opioid-related deaths. Tackling the opioid crisis must be a priority for our state. 


As a native of Duplin County, I understand how critical agriculture is to North Carolina’s economy, our farmers, and our consumers. Unfortunately, our farmers—especially those in the pork and poultry industries—are under attack and this is absolutely unacceptable. By engaging farmers to fully understand the challenges they face and the resources they need to continue providing sustainable resources, we will make agriculture a top priority in Washington. 

Social Security

The Social Security Administration believes current reserves will be used up by the year 2037 and tax revenues at that time will only sustain 76% of scheduled benefits. It is time for Washington to look to the future and establish long-term plans for younger generations. 


In order to protect our citizens and maintain rule of law, we must construct a secure border while encouraging and fostering legal immigration.